the gift

Dear Friends,

The story of Finch & Lily found me. With all that is fearsome about the world, Finch & Lily touched that place in me that wanted to give instead of take, smile instead of frown, and above all things to love others through random acts of kindness.

Please follow me as I join hands with an amazing array of people, talented and generous individuals that have come together to present a project that strives to inspire the better part of our nature.

In a place that is both magical and genuine, welcome to the world of Finch & Lily.

Richard O’Donnell

Interested parties please contact:

Starbrite Pictures, LLC
312.213.3699 c

Feature film

FINCH & LILY is a story of human kindness victorious over desperation, isolation and poverty. Written with the simple and stark brilliance of BEING THERE and the universal uplifting appeal of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, the storybook characters are set in fanciful and imaginative physical neighborhoods in the style of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY yet they live in a Orwellian angst ridden and desperate world.

Finch is a 40-something year old with style and generosity but noticeably traumatized by circumstance. We discover him one day in a transient hotel full of regular dwellers including Lily, a twenty-seven year old beauty imprisoned in her room by agoraphobia and posttraumatic stress. Despair and poverty pervade the hotel Starbrite and the surrounding neighborhood. A local Catholic poverty center and soup kitchen employs Finch. By ‘being there’ Finch uplifts the entire hotel residency, including himself, as he breaks the agoraphobic spell that has imprisoned Lily and withdrawn her beauty from the world. The story takes place between October and January including the celebrations of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Kwanza and Christmas.

Comparable Titles:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
It’s A Wonderful Life
Being There


The “Finch & Lily” Producers and Starbrite Pictures, LLC wants to give back.  Themes explored within the film support Poverty Reduction awareness, and so it seems a fitting gesture to return a percentage of the profits to that cause.  We realize that this will also garner traditional and social media attention, but as long as Finch & Lily receives an audience, as any great art form or entertainment should, we believe that sort of coverage is to the productions advantage.


This blog is prepared by the Producers in regards to the production of the motion picture entitled Finch & Lily, and is not an Investment Offer.